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Since 2012, Jenda Family Services has been providing services to families throughout the state of Nebraska. Jenda is dedicated to helping families grow the next generation of parents. Families which have worked with Jenda have had successful outcomes with the assistance of wraparound services such as family support, drug testing, supervised visitation, intensive family preservation and reunification, and most recently, foster care. 

Since the founding of our foster care program in 2020, we have provided services for children and youth in the Lincoln, Omaha, and surrounding rural communities. We are constantly growing, and there is always a need for a caring, loving, dedicated foster family to join our Jenda Foster Care family. 

Jenda adopts an intentional, individualized view of providing services to the youth and families in our care. Every family has unique strengths, and we promote partnership to ensure that youth and families are matched for success. We also provide support for kinship and relative families, as well as opportunities for additional training tailored to the needs of the children in their care. We integrate intentionality and personalization in every aspect of our foster care program from our licensing process, to having a consistent foster care specialist for your family. Jenda Foster Care utilizes the skills and experience of our team by collaborating to create solutions to the unique challenges that arise, assisting in transportation for other specialists, having communication throughout all aspects of Jenda Foster Care, and more.


Check out some statistics below about why providing quality foster care services in Nebraska is so important.

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In order to become a foster parent, you must be able to meet the criteria:

· Must be at least 21 years of age

· Consent to a criminal background check and fingerprinting

· May be single, married, or divorced

· May own or rent a home

· Have a home meeting the standards of licensing requirements (reach out to Jenda Foster Care for specific requirements)

· Must participate in a home study and complete all paperwork required by DHHS and Jenda Foster Care

· Must complete TIPS-MAPP Foster Parent Training (a total of 30 hours of training)

Questions about your eligibility? Reach out to our Foster Care Licensing team at 402-474-0011.

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Call (800) 652-1999 to report abuse and/or neglect to DHHS. DHHS report webpage linked below.


Check out our list of resources for foster parents and their families!


Want to give a shoutout to a team member or give feedback for Jenda to improve? Send us a message below.

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