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We value your feedback and have client wellness is our top priority. To submit a grievance about a Jenda Family Services staff member, use our PDF/scan form upload option or directly e-mail a completed grievance form to our e-mail by clicking the left column "Submit Grievance" button. Our complete grievance policy is available for you to read under "Grievance Procedure". You will be responded to within five (5) business days in regards to your grievance. You may also submit a grievance directly to DHHS via "DHHS Grievance" button, which will direct you to DHHS's grievance webpage. Thank you for your feedback and we will be in touch with you to solve the issues as best we can.

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grievance procedure

grievance form

Please review the Grievance Form above by clicking the paperclip. You may edit, print and scan/photograph, or answer the questions listed on the form via email. Click the button below when you are ready to submit your grievance to Jenda Family Services.




File a grievance with DHHS.

need to report abuse or neglect? Contact DHHS Hotline at (800)652-1999

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