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A Family Support Worker (FSW) works alongside families to achieve individualized goals, supervise parenting time interactions, and build connections with our families and clients. We believe in the power of relationships, and our Family Support Workers diligently work to build strong, honest, and empowering working relationships with our clients. 


Family Support Services may include activities such as accessing community resources, searching for employment, budgeting, establishing parenting guidelines, and implementing other strategies to encourage family success. While there are outlined goals provided by case management, the input and feedback of our families is critical for success. When working with our clients, we integrate their own strengths and goals with referred services to provide holistic and individualized support. 

Example of Family Support Worksheet that is utilized during services meetings with clients is provided below. Clients are able to keep this worksheet to utilize the contact information, as well as have a reminder of their goals and purpose for engaging in services.


Frequently asked questions about family support + supervised visitation

How many hours are referred? 

For both Family Support and Visitation, the number of hours that are referred are depended on the referring case manager, usually a DHHS Child and Family Services Specialist. The number of hours are listed on the referral by how many hours per week or month; for example, "20 hours of supervised visitation per week". Hours can increase or decrease at case manager discretion based on family engagement. 

What's the attendance policy?

Our attendance policy is also listed on our provided client worksheet, but Jenda Family Support and Visitation attendance policy is as follows: 

"FSW will discuss client service schedule with the client and will notify of any changes in a timely manner. In the event of an emergency, the client will be notified as soon as possible. The client's FSW will arrive on time for sessions. If they are running late, they will contact the client via phone or text message. If FSW is consistently late, or are more than 15 minutes late, the client is encouraged to call the Jenda Family Services office at 402-474-0011 and ask to speak to their FSW's direct supervisor. If FSW is late, the time will be made up to the client by extending the end of the visit, if the schedule change works for everyone involved. If the client is running late, they are to contact FSW via text or phone call. The client must arrive within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time. If the client is more than 15 minutes late for a session, FSW will cancel the visit and the time will not be made up. If the client needs to cancel a visit or session, notify FSW as soon as possible. Jenda will not be able to make up the time for visits client's cancel unless case manager approves it. Jenda staff will only cancel services in the event of an emergency. If this happens, the time will be made up to clients in a way that works for everyone’s schedules."

WHo's on staff as a family support worker?

Visit our Staff page to see our Jenda Supervisors and teams! Jenda Family Support Workers collaborate with our other staff and supervisors to provide the best and most tailored services for the needs of our family. If clients are involved with other services at Jenda, such as Drug Testing, our teams can work collaboratively with client consent to arrange schedules, encourage positive habits, and more. Reach out to our Services Supervisor, Erin Martin, to discuss the needs of your family and how Jenda can provide individualized services. 

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