Foster Care at Jenda is a new service that we are offering as of September 2019. We are very excited to offer foster care services to the community of Lincoln and surrounding areas.

Foster care offers a family environment for children removed from their homes, due to many different circumstances.

We work closely with DHHS and Probation to provide these services, alongside family support and supervised visits. 


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What is Foster Care?

Foster Care is a temporary placement of children who have been removed from their biological family, usually because of abuse, neglect, or abandonment, until they can return home.


Foster Families are individuals who desire to understand the needs of the children in care, a willingness to parent foster children and support biological parents to increase the chances of reunification.  

Why Choose Jenda Family Services?

Since 2012, Jenda Family Services has been providing services to families throughout the state of Nebraska. Jenda is dedicated to helping families grow the next generation of parents.


Families which have worked with Jenda have been successful with the assistance of supportive services to address all safety concerns for their families. Jenda has decided to expand these services by including foster care.


Our goal by incorporating foster care services within the Jenda Family Services realm is that it will increase the chances of successful outcomes such as reunification.


What separates Jenda from other foster care agencies is the dedication of partnering with   biological families while working towards the same goals. We are all about collaboration.

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