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Jenda's Drug Testing program offers urinalysis, saliva, and breathalyzer tests. Based on the needs of the family, Jenda provides testing at the Jenda office, as well as in the community. Clients with difficulty accessing transportation can schedule drug testing appointments on their scheduled day, but appointment times are on a first-come-first-serve basis. Unless requested otherwise by referral, all testing is randomly scheduled. Jenda Drug Testing hours are listed at the bottom of the page next to our contact information!

Urinalysis Testing
Saliva Testing
Urinalysis Testing

Fully supervised by a same-gendered staff.​


All samples sent to lab for screening and confirmation but provide instant presumptive results.

Laboratory testing contains 14-panel of common substances, additional substance testing can be implemented upon request. Reach out for full list of substances testing in 14-panel.


Fully supervised by Jenda staff.

Provides instant results by displaying blood-alcohol content (BAC%).

Uses breath to detect the immediate presence alcohol.

No laboratory confirmation available.

Saliva Testing

Fully supervised by Jenda staff.


Provides instant presumptive results for common substances but smaller instant panel results than urinalysis testing.

Sent to laboratory for confirmation of results.

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Drug Testing 

815 K Street

Lincoln, NE 68508

West Entrance to Building





DST Office: 531-500-3248

Call-in Line: 1-800-494-1250



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Call (800) 652-1999 to report abuse and/or neglect to DHHS. DHHS report webpage linked below.


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